Catchin Hell

“I’m Catchin’ Hell,” chronicles the life of Joshua Townsend after he experiences a life-altering event. Joshua reflects on pivotal moments in his life that explain how he ended up in a place that could ultimately lead to his demise. He remembers important moments which occurred within his life that had a major impact on the man that he became. Several specific periods of life, which affected every relationship he encountered. I’m Catchin’ Hell is a depiction of situations that occur in everyday life. Situations where individuals would endure physical, mental and psychological turmoil to maintain the perception of a perfect relationship. “I’m Catchin’ Hell was written to describe how some relationships or couples are perceived as perfect from societies point of view. Often a couple’s relationship may seem perfect and blissful from an outsider looking in, but behind closed doors, things are far from perfect. We have no idea what an individual is willing to endure and sacrifice to maintain a façade of perfection. We tend to lose ourselves attempting to portray the role of the ideal husband, wife, lover etc… It was best said by the Spinners, “It takes a fool to learn that love doesn’t love nobody.”